Training pictograms for autistic people are a well-thought-out and indispensable visualization aid – both at home and in institutions. They are used to introduce children and young people with autism to daily routines such as bathing, brushing their teeth, getting dressed or going to the toilet – helping them on the road to independence.

We have a series of training pictograms that guide children step-by-step through the 6 most commonly used daily routines and the Weather Guide – two original products specially developed by Autismeshoppen to help children with autism become self-reliant. Last but not least, we sell various visualization tools from the company behind the popular Time Timer.

The recommended use of training pictograms for autistic people involves hanging them in a relevant place (e.g. in the bathroom or by the bed). Then introduce the child to the images and guide them through the process. It is important to help the child connect the pictogram and action by pointing to the image and performing the action immediately after. Once you can see that your child is following the routine correctly, it’s safe to let them try it themselves.

Of course, it takes time to learn a routine and not everyone can follow a long tutorial (more than 2-4 images at a time). That’s why we also offer all our training pictograms for autistic people as stand-alone pictograms that you can freely put together and use as needed. You can find them under Pictograms for autistic people.