People with autism have a strong need for visualization (pictograms, pictures, schedules, visual timers, etc.), structure (day plans, weekly schedules, step-by-step descriptions of routines, clear time frames and clear rules) and – in some cases – communication aids to help them express themselves or understand what others mean.

At you will find all three types of visualization that are indispensable for both autistic people and people working with autism: visualization of time, structure creation and aids for people without language.

For institutions, we have large Time Timers (visual timers), language and comprehension training tools, pictogram sets and special training pictograms that help children and adults with autism become more independent in everyday life.

For people with autism and their caregivers, we have a wide range of Time Timers, pictogram sets and individual pictograms, pictogram menus, aids for people without language and much more.