Pictogram menus are an important step in helping non-verbal autistic people, as well as those with limited communication skills, towards more self-determination and less frustration in everyday life.

Our pictogram menus for autistic people are currently available in variants with food and we are continuously working on expanding the range with other relevant pictogram menus, such as activities, places, etc. Its purpose is to empower children and adults with autism without language.

The pictogram menus are set up in a way that provides a quick overview and is manageable enough with only 6-8 large images on each page. They can also be ordered in variants with only 1 or a few images on each page (please contact us).

To keep the menus relevant and attractive, we only use high-quality graphics. If it’s pictures of food, we emphasize that the food looks delicious, which is a great benefit for people with a small appetite or very picky eaters.

In addition to our standard pictogram menus for autistic people, we also offer customized pictogram menus with your images or photos. Here’s how to make sure even very concrete-minded autistic people can join in. Tailor-made pictogram menus are always available at a good price that matches the scope of the job (please contact us).