Create structure in everyday life with pictograms, pictogram sets and pictogram boards. The high need for structure that people with autism and ADHD have involves structuring the tasks of the day and/or week into daily and weekly programs. These programs can be more or less detailed, depending on your need for an overview or step-by-step guidance, but what they have in common is that they provide a framework for what should happen during the day – every day.

With pictograms and pictogram boards from Autismeshoppen, you can easily get started with visual structure and planning in your home or institution. We have developed our own pictograms and pictogram sets and sell complete pictogram sets from the company behind Time Timer to meet the needs of creating structure in everyday life:

  • routine guidance
  • Planning the day for young children
  • Planning the day for teens and adults
  • Planning the school day
  • Planning the week for kids and adults