On this page you will find Autismeshoppen’s own aids for non-verbal communication, as well as specially selected products that promote both understanding and the ability to communicate with others.

There are some autistic people who either don’t develop language at all or develop very limited language. This may be because they don’t understand the language or have difficulty expressing themselves/speaking. In addition, most people with autism have difficulty reading others.

This means mistakes, misunderstandings and difficulty expressing even the simplest wants and needs. It creates frustration and worsens quality of life if it is not addressed and you are not helped with alternatives to conventional speech.

Address these issues with things like the emotion wheel, pictogram menus for food choices or games that strengthen children’s ability to read other people.

In addition to our standard range, we offer production of pictogram menus with e.g. activities, vehicles, etc. on demand. Please contact us at kundeservice@autismeshoppen.dk for more information.