Developmental toys are a concept based on the use of different toys in a therapeutic or training context with the aim of developing specific skills or competencies.

Unfortunately, children with autism can often be challenged in many ways, both mentally and physically. This requires paying special attention to the specific challenges each child has and working purposefully to help them in their development.

The use of developmental toys makes it more fun and motivating for the child to make an effort to learn new skills. Autistic people can be very passive and hesitant to try new things, especially if they don’t have a reason to do so. By using a developmental toy, the child can more easily find the meaning of play, as the developmental toy appeals to the child in a unique way – by introducing them to something familiar that leads to something unknown; by stimulating the senses or capturing their attention with interactive elements, such as sound, light or movement through touch or other interaction. This makes it easier and more fun for the child to get involved in play and develop new skills and learn new things.

Developmental toys for children with autism can be used to strengthen their interaction, attention, coordination, social skills, fine motor skills and more. Although they can never stand alone, developmental toys for children with autism are an important part of daily training in a special needs nursery, for example, as well as fun at home.