That you must use pictograms for autistic people is one of the first things you are told when an autism diagnosis is made. And there are good reasons for that. Children and adults with autism often have difficulty navigating a world of just words or complicated actions. They need to visualize the tasks, structure and maintain them.

Therefore, most people enjoy pictograms, which allow them to create the order they need in a visual way that makes sense to them. The pictograms for autistic people are not just pictures. They are created specifically for the purpose of guiding, explaining and visualizing actions. That is why they are also called visualization aids.

Autistic people are extremely visual people and this means that all communication or learning becomes easier – or even possible when it is made visual.

The pictograms for autistic people that you find at Autismeshoppen.dk are divided into 3 categories: individual pictograms, training series and pictogram menus, depending on their purpose. Individual pictograms are used to put together the daily/weekly plan for the child or adult with autism. Training sessions are used to teach a child or young person with autism to independently carry out personal routines, such as going to the toilet or taking a bath. The pictogram menus are used to give especially autistics without language the opportunity to express their wishes and have a say.

We have pictograms for autistic people in sizes 7×7 cm and 5×5 cm. In addition, we offer the creation of pictogram products with your images, which may be necessary if an autistic person is unable to think abstractly or in categories. We also offer free advice in this regard.