Sensory integration is about balancing or strengthening the mind-body connection and regulating your reactions to the world around you. For some, an unbalance is caused by senses being too sensitive, while for others, the signals from the body are either not formed correctly or don’t reach the brain. This leads to inappropriate reactions to stimuli, resulting in e.g. overload, violent or inappropriate behavior, as well as challenges of various kinds in everyday life.

Sensory integration uses different techniques to stimulate and regulate the senses and can either focus on individual senses or work with all the senses in one session. Most commonly used are sensory brushes or sponges, massage tools – often with spikes or texture, sensory lighting and music, tactile stimuli, and various tools to train balance and body awareness.

The products on this page are used in sensory integration programs or individually in sensory play/training at home or in institutions. They are specially selected based on their properties and ability to deliver specific sensory impressions and strengthen your ability to respond to and absorb them.

Successful sensory integration can result in, for example, more appropriate responses to stimuli, improved inner balance, less hypersensitivity and improved adaptation in situations with multiple stimuli.