The weighted blanket by Autismeshoppen is a type of duvet often referred to as a weighted blanket, weighted duvet or ball duvet. The three words are typically used to describe the same products, where the size of the balls can vary from very small to quite large (like a tennis ball). Weighted blankets with tiny microspheres are used to press the body down and simulate the effect of a hug. It provides peace of mind and makes it easier to fall asleep.

In addition, during the daytime, weighted blankets can be used as a “comforter”, providing security, comfort and soothing. Weighted blankets are typically not warm, so they can be used in both summer and winter without getting too hot.

Theweighted blanket by Autismeshoppen is made up of 7 layers in total: 2 outer layers of 100% cotton for softness and comfort; 2 inner safety layers of durable polyester; 2 layers of soft polyester fibers that make the duvet comfortable to wear and hold the glass beads in place for perfect weight distribution; and 1 layer of micro glass beads that make up the heavy fill of the duvet.

Both the cotton and polyester used in the duvet are Oeko-tex Standard 100 certified, while the glass beads are CPSIA certified. This way, we ensure that the weighted blankets are free from hazardous chemicals and heavy metals.

To guarantee longevity and even better distribution of the glass beads, we have chosen to use a 10×10 cm quilting, which means that each handful of glass beads is enclosed in a 10×10 cm pocket and does not have the opportunity to move to a degree that could cause the quilt to empty out in the middle of the pockets during use.

The weighted blanket by Autismeshoppen is machine washable at 30 degrees without spinning. To avoid deformation, the duvet should be laid out to dry and not hung or tumble dried. To extend the life of the duvet, it is recommended to reduce the need for washing by always using the duvet with the cover on.

All healthy adults and children over the age of 3 can use weighted blankets without restriction, as long as they stay within the recommended weight range and are aware that the user must be able to remove the duvet at any time.

The following groups of users should either refrain from using weighted blankets or use them only in consultation with a doctor and/or under medical/educational supervision:

  • Pregnant women
  • Patients with incontinence
  • Patients with lung diseases
  • Patients with cardiovascular disease
  • Patients with bone fractures
  • Patients with osteoporosis or weak bones
  • Patients with open wounds
  • People who are not allowed to lift heavy objects for health reasons
  • Dementia or severely retarded persons
  • Individuals with mental illness/disorder that results in them being unable to take care of themselves or behaving in a way that endangers themselves or others
  • Babies and children under 3 years old, as well as children whose development corresponds to a child under 3 years old

These groups of patients are at risk of the use of weighted blanket worsening their condition or exposing them to risks such as suffocation and further injury.

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Dimensions 30 × 50 × 15 cm

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